Waterproof RF Connectors from Intelliconnect

Intelliconnect, the US/UK RF connector manufacturer has launched its PISCES range of waterproof RF/coaxial connectors and adaptors. Successfully used in Military Locator Beacon and radio applications, Intelliconnect have developed their unique internal sealing system so that it can be adapted into virtually its entire range of RF Connectors and Adaptors.

Additionally, bespoke designs can be manufactured to customers specific requirements at a surprisingly competitive cost.

Tested to 10m depth in an unmated condition for a duration of four hours, this system has been shown to be highly effective and reliable in marine conditions in terms of both mechanical and electrical performance.

For more information contact:
Roy Phillips
Managing Director
Tel 01245 347145
Email roy@intelliconnect.co.uk
R Kendall +(931) 484 5652

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